Wednesday Bible Study
7 PM
Wednesday Bible Study
7 PM

Welcome to Ωmega Church Santa Rosa

Ωmega Church of Santa Rosa is a multicultural family church that exists to be a vessel to glorify Jesus and serve His desire to revive His Church and rescue the lost and restore the broken.

We meet in the Valley Oak room of the Finley Center. Prayer begins at 10:00AM, with service following at 11:00AM

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Ωmega Church Santa Rosa

2060 W. College
Santa Rosa, CA   95401
t. 707-703-4969

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I AM the Light of the World
The religious teachers of Jesus' era were zealous in their service and pious in their discipline. Although their entire lives were devoted to the appearance of the Son of God, they did not recognize Jesus because He did not endorse their light, their teaching, as having any value. Jesus is still the only Light of the World and He is the Light of Life.